Saturday, August 8, 2015

 I am happy to show you what I made for the Summer Lovin' blog hop hosted by JSB Arts who gifted us with her beautiful ceramics in sand and sea colors. When I recieved my beads I saw more of a southwestern theme to them, I was also working on my Blu Mudd challenge at the same time with zuni bears so it was a great time to continue with this theme. Also the pendant bead had a dreamcatcher in it so feathers it was.
Of course I procrastinated and put it off and then saw someone post this am at 5Am so I got up finished the last piece and photographed and here it is

I cant wait to see what everyone else made
thank you JSB for the opportunity to work with your beads. I hope I did them justice

 beautiful ceramics from Shawna Barnes at  JSB Arts Go check her out at the artisan component marketplace to see her work
here is the list of participants  go check out their designs
have fun!
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