Friday, April 6, 2018


Its that time of year again for the bead peeps swap and hop. This year I again had Divya N and was excited to swap with her again as I had met her 2 years ago at Bead fest Philly. Robin Showstack Divya and I all roomed together and had a blast going to the show. she introduced us to Indian food at dinner.
Divya and I chatted about what we wanted to swap and I said I would like authentic Indian beads from her. We talked about color and what we both like and use. I said I didnt work in pinks and gold, and low and behold I made a pink necklace with her beads.
I had a hard time finding beads to use in my huge stash and called on my friend Robin to help me out. I raided her stash for some orange and gold accents. WE ended up spending the afternoon together and had a blast  working on our swaps together.

Above is the site where she describes the beads she sent me. She sent me some handmade organza beads that she made herself,  a brass leaf with bright colors, a silver component that she painted, a gold button, and ceramic pendant and beads.

Okay so on to the jewelry
This is a shot of all the pieces I made

The first is the orange piece, Rarely do I work in orange,and Robin had the perfect tassel which I got from her collection. I think it came out great and I used Divya's organza bead which fit in perfectly with the orange beads and gold filligree beads she sent me.
Next is the silver pendant that she painted, I paired it with matching blue and green beads and made a long necklace
Next the surprise color, I told Divya I never use Pink and she challenged me and when looking thru my bead warehouse in my basement came across these vintage pink and brass beads and they looked perfect with her brass leaf.
And next the ceramic pendant and green beads
And the gold button
I still have a few beads left so I made earrings, still have to put on ear wires
but you get the point lol
Well that is all I made, hope you visit and leave me some feed back
Thank you Divya for challenging me this year, I hope you had fun with the beads I sent you
Dont forget to hop
Linda Anderson (Hostess)
Hope Smitherman
Terry Jeanette Carter
Rosantia Petkova

Seed Beaders

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Getting ready for bead peeps wrap and hop!!!

It's that time of year again time for the swap and hop on bead peeps.
I've had a busy year this year, changing jobs, new grand baby taking care of my mom after a hip fracture.

I now have my jewelry in a crafters shop with Robin Showstack inwalpole mass, so exciting to have a venue to sell at.   Haven't made much in the last year as I have been busy but itching to go. I like rustic copper pieces with my handmade  focals, I work in polymer clay metalwork and copper.
I have also newly ventured into planning which of course I collect !  Who is a hoarder of all crafts.

I live in dedham Massachusetts. On a quiet road with my son and three chihuahuas and a fat cat. I love to garden in the Summer and hibernate in the winter doing crafts.
This year has been hard as my best friend Robin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy.   I started a go fund me page for her as she has no job or income, I try to get her out to our favorite places....craft stores and bead shows when she is up to it. Thankfully her tumors are shrinking. 60%. So far and doing better. Say a prayer for her and say Hi.  She also signed up for the hop and I will help her as needed due to some neuropathy in her hands from chemotherapy

My style like I said is more rustic and less girly. I use mostly earth tones. Love to work with copper, Never use gold!!!!!! No pink in my designs either.  !!!!  I don't use seed beads as my eyesight is not great close up. Like chunky beads and regular size beads.   I like to get to know my partner and their likes dislikes and enjoy sending my handmade components, polymer clay etching ,enameling . And fold folding.    I need to break out my torch and get ready to fire it up to make something homemade for my partner.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dusting off

Time to dust off the blog and get ready for the bead peeps swap and hop
Been a crazy year. My mom has been living with me since she broke her hip.
Working full time as a hospice nurse too, started in may