Saturday, February 2, 2013


Why is it that all work week all you want to do is sleep late. And when the weekend comes. You wake up at 6 am! And can't sleep!  During the week it,s hit the snooze button and oversleep and now I'm wide awake at 6 am typing away!

On the other hand. Went to acmoore and Michael,s last night and found a great sale at 70% off of clearance items...... Came out with spending $40. And gots lots of stuff. If I knew it only cost that much. Would have bought lots more..... So going back today....what can I say but I,m a bead-a-holic
Gonna need a bigger house for my beads soon. Having major storage issues and re-organizing all the time to keep the insanity from taking over the house!

Dogs snoring away.  I should take the hint and try to sleep again

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  1. 70% off clearance! You go lady!! Hope you bought some storage thingys too. Haha