Saturday, April 8, 2017


WELCOME to the bead peeps swap and hop 2017. I hope you all had a great time swap and now hopping.

My partner in this hop is Kristina Peck from Michigan. She likes to work with glass and up-cycled materials. She hadn't used too many art beads so I sent her a few of my handmade polymer clay beads to have fun with. I also surprised her with a plethora of blue beads from vintage  to new, silver accents and a pair of my enameled butterfly charms that I made.  Hopefully she has fun with all my handmade components.   I plan to use some of my handmade components with the beads she sends me too.

Kristina's blog address is:  Kristina Peck
Here is what i sent Kristina
And this is what she sent to me:
Of coarse i procrastinated until last week and made one item then.  Its been a long hard winter at my house with my being sick 5 of 8 weeks with sinus infection  norovirus then pneumonia to top it off and my son in a bad car accident with a broken back , but hopefully spring brings good things.
One wonderful thing this winter was the birth of my granddaughter Leah.

But on to bigger things like what I made from my goodies.  The pendant was by Muddy rivers by Barbara Rog. I added more czech beads to make this necklace.

next came earrings

I used my handmade etched copper components.

Love this one and will surely wear it around.  It contains the czech glass beads from Kristina paired  with patinad copper, copper spacers and a focal from a class at Pflora beads with a german glass doll in the middle. I am in love with this necklace.


I paired the wonderful wood beads and czech beads, chain and clasp with one of my copper components for this fun necklace.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all my jewelry that I made.
have fun hopping .

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  1. Lori - LOVELY pieces! My fav is the dagger piece. I love the texture and the color. GREAT work!

  2. Lori - LOVELY pieces! My fav is the dagger piece. I love the texture and the color. GREAT work!

  3. Blimey - you and your family have had a rough time of it recently. I hope your son is healing ok, what a horrible thing to happen. And yet you STILL found time to create all of this earthy lusciousness?!? Wow!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness. I love your choice of color combination. All of the pieces are lovely. I had fun working on my pieces and hope you did too.

  5. Such fun pieces. I hate that you've had so much distress this winter. Here's to a much better spring. As for your jewelry, I really love the caged doll one. So interesting and different! The dagger one is a lot of fun too. I bet it has a ton of texture when worn. Wonderful job getting so much done despite the setbacks!

  6. Wow, love the earthiness of the first necklace but the one with the doll pendant!!! Amazing!

  7. HI lori, I hope summer goes better for you. Your simple design showed the Muddy Waters pendant well.I like your earrings. The copper necklace with the doll is very creative. Even though I am not an orange person Your last necklace is my favorite of your designs. Great job using your swap beads.

  8. I especially liked the handmade etched copper components that you made. They look awesome in earrings.

  9. First off, I am so sorry your winter was so rough but Spring is here and I pray better days for you and yours! Next, I love your designs!!! I think they are all Wonderful, my favorites are the Necklace with the vintage german doll and the last necklace with your focal!! you did an amazing job!!

  10. Lori I love, Love, LOVE what you have made. Each piece is more wonderful than the one before it! I am still kicking myself for not taking that P. Flora class with you.

  11. I love the rustic look of the copper necklaces. The bird focal is really cute but the copper spacer necklace is simply gorgeous. I hope that you are feeling better now after your pneumonia. I hope that your son is on the road to complete recovery too. My prayers for you both

  12. I adore every last thing you made. The copper birds on a wire, the cage frozen Charlotte are phenomenal. The daggers in the first necklace were a bit unexpected but worked so well, gorgeous and earthy! Bravo!

  13. Love your designs, but that caged pendant necklace is wonderful!

  14. I love your rustic style! Every piece is beautiful and my favorite is the wire cage pendant! Your copper components are so good!

  15. Great job Lori.. my fav has to be the bead necklace with the copper component that you made. Hope you are feeling better !

  16. That is a really cool necklace focal! I also love the etched copper earrings with the green beads!

  17. I love that first necklace, that focal is beautiful and you did an awesome job melding your beads with hers

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